magpie (noun)

1. intelligent bird with a fine and dapper coat

2. one attracted to little sparkly objects 
(possibly borrowed without prior consent) and
stashing for future use


belle (noun)

1. a woman admired for her beauty or charm,
or posh frocks; she was the belle of the ball

2. the most beautiful girl in the room, or the 
street (depending on the street)

3. waitress, air-hostess in the sixties, part-time model


Magpie Belle is an illustrator with a design philosophy; to permanently borrow and make pretty things.

It's a nod to the handsome but light-fingered Magpie, a clever bird with a beady-eye for the sparkly. Always dapper and sartorially sharp, the Magpie can spot his reflection in a mirror, unlock a car door without keys and engage in a chat to be social - all useful life skills.

So, inspired by the talented Magpie, I sometimes borrow (forever), a few little gems from books, songs, poems and the odd infamous fashion magazine, to make pretty pictures. The stars of the pictures, the belles of the ball, are the lucky ladies in fancy frocks, just floating about looking special. Please feel free to browse. I hope you find something you like!